The Legend of Piki Piki

*This is just a travel tale. There’s no advice here. No improvement information. Just a fun story from the road. 

My Spanish had finally gotten to a level where I could make out details and stories. I couldn’t understand everything, but I was able to get the gist of a conversation – provided the storyteller spoke a little slower than normal. I was by no means fluent or conversational, but I could communicate and understand. And luckily, I was able to hear about the absolute legend that is Piki Piki.

Enter Piki Piki

My travel buddy and I decided to do some tourism. We had just finished up an amazing hike to the most beautiful waterfall I’d ever seen in my life. If you ever find yourself in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic – then checking out El Salto de Limon is a must. Instead of booking through a tour agency, we went with some locals. And we did it all the local way. No overpriced tours, no obnoxious tour guides, nothing annoying. Just a good time.

We started off by hopping in the back of a pickup truck that functioned as public transportation. Sketchy? Slightly. Authentic and enjoyable? For sure. Plus, we got to see stunning sights to and from the waterfall. Sitting in the back offered fantastic views. We got to the waterfall and made our way up the mountain. Checked out the waterfall and swam around for a few hours. Then we headed back.

Back in the back of the sketchy pickup truck bus and we were off. Exhausted after a few hours of hiking, I wasn’t paying too much attention to the conversations in Spanish. I have to use a lot of mental energy to understand the language and I was shot. Then I heard a word that will always peak a man’s interest…


Which means “threesome” in English. My ears perked up, and I tried to dial into the conversation. My friend was cracking up and intrigued, but I was still lost. Who is having a threesome?! When was my threesome?! Thoughts were running through my brain before I heard his name. The legend of Piki Piki had arrived.

I focused. I needed to know what was going on. Who was Piki Piki and what is all this talk about threesomes? I dialed in my Spanish and tried to understand the conversation. And from what I got out of it, Piki Piki was that dude. Piki Piki was an absolute savage and essentially, a living legend.

The Legend of Piki Piki

Apparently, Piki Piki was a mid-thirties Dominican man. He lived around Las Terrenas. On paper, he didn’t seem to have much going for him. He was pretty normal looking. From the outside looking in – there wasn’t anything special about him. Hell, he even lived in a shoebox studio apartment above a body shop. And from all accounts, it was an absolute shithole.

But Piki Piki wasn’t just any guy. He had become a living legend in his neighborhood. Piki Piki was pimping. Our locals friends began telling us about all of Piki’s girls. The guys working at the body shop saw it all. Then they spread the rumors to the whole neighborhood. Piki Piki would have multiple girls over to his apartment every single day. Often, they’d be at the same time. Piki was no stranger to threesomes.

Sometimes they’d bring him food or gifts. Every time a girl showed up, the guys at the body shop would here baby making noises coming from his apartment shortly after the girl(s) would arrive. Piki rarely ever left his apartment. My friend and I were amused. But we were curious. Was Piki Piki paying all these girls for a little love? After all, that’s pretty common in Terrenas.

So we asked our friend. She started cracking up. Then she kept going. Apparently, Piki didn’t have a job or any money. Nor did he care to get one. He had no way to pay for anything. His girls made sure he was taken care of in every way. From money to honey and food – Piki didn’t have a care in the world. His women took care of nearly all his expenses.

Meeting Piki Piki?

No homo, but we wanted to meet this Piki Piki character. Any guy having multiple threesomes (not Devils’) each week was someone worth meeting. Well, not really. But my friend and I were fascinated. We begged our local friend to have the legend come chill with us – to show us the ropes of Las Terrenas pimping. 

But it wasn’t to be. Piki Piki rarely left the house. And if our friend (a girl) texted him, then she wouldn’t be able to get out of his grasps for weeks on end. Piki Piki was apparently a persistent fellow. We weren’t able to meet the legend himself, but that’s ok. We heard a fascinating story and ended up with a fun inside joke. For the rest of our travels through the Dominican Republic, any “player-made” move was immediately dubbed “Piki Piki” by our group.

“Soy muy juicoso todo el tiempo. No soy Piki Piki.” – I’m very well behaved all the time. I’m not Piki Piki.”

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Josh Bar - January 18, 2017

Sounds like a #Travelhack to me free room and board. I would like to interview this legend one day 🙂 .

    NomadicJake - January 19, 2017

    I think we all would have 😉

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