How to Craft Catchy and Creative Titles For Fun and Profit: 5 Timeless Tips

Oyyeee! Today we’re talking how to craft catchy and creative titles for fun and profit.

Aka how to write headlines and titles that draw in search engines and readers alike. Or how to get free organic traffic by writing dope headlines that catch eyes as time flies.

Luckily, that’s purdy easy these days.

Once you know a little bit about copywriting, you shouldn’t have much issue crafting headlines and titles that help you articles show up higher in the search engines.

P.S: We’ve all been a noob before. Make sure you study up on copywriting basics before going any further.

I’m sure you’ve head about copywriting, headlines, and all that good stuff before.

But, why do catchy and creative titles lives matter? Why should you care?

Well, because better headlines and titles equal more free traffic for your blog, business, or niche sites.

Headlines or titles are the first thing potential readers will see when they looking around for information on a search engine.

A boring headline equals less click-throughs.

Less click-throughs equals less love from the search engines.

Seriously, think about it:

Why would they rank an article top-three in the rankings if nobody wants to read it?!

Quick hint:

They won’t.

And they don’t.

P.S: Why listen to some blogger with a penchant for persistence? Well, what I do works…

Free Traffic For Fun and Profit!

How to Craft Catchy and Creative Titles For Fun and Profit: 5 Timeless Tips

I’ll try to keep this as simple as possible, as I know the broskis don’t want to read an hour long post about pimping headlines.

First, grab your keyword – long-tail or nah.

If you don’t know how to do keyword research, well, that’s another lesson for another day.

But I will say one thing:

SEMrush is the absolute best keyword research tool known to mankind. No hype. By far. By none. 

Now, once you’ve got a keyword, you’ve got to find a way to write a sexy headline/title for your coming article that includes said keyword.

Seriously, just repeat after me:

Put your long-tail keyword in the title of your article.

Every. Damn. Time.

If you want to have a shot at ranking for said keyword, put it in the title. Now, back to crafting creative titles for fun and profit.

There’s a reason list posts, how to articles, and the like are all over the interwebs.

Why? Because human beings like that type of content.

As humans, we like information condensed down and simplified. Why read a 60-page research study when your favorite nutrition blogger can highlight the most important, actionable part in an 1,200-word list post?

While this annoys the living shit out a few real alpha male for real bloggers around the webs, it’s great news for Joe Schmoes like you and me.

This means we can hack human nature to write really dope headlines without using up too much brainpower.

But, enough with my fluff, fam. Here’s what you came for. The main course. A few timeless tidbit and tricks to ensure you’re writing catchy and creative titles like a boss.

This isn’t the most complex stuff, but it works purdy damn well:

  • List Posts

Yeah, not gonna reinvent the wheel here folks. People like lists. People like numbers, tips, and quick tricks.

For example, I get a lot of love for posts like this. And by love, I mean free search traffic:

If you’re too good to craft an ole’ fashioned list post every now and then, don’t come crying about not getting any organic growth.

List posts just work.

Add your desired keyword to a list post and watch your organic traffic skyrocket.

  • How to…

One of the easiest ways to include complete long-tail keywords in your headline/title is through “How to…” articles.

Hell, tons of people search for “How to…” articles all the time. There’s a reason these guys are long-tail keywords in their own right.

You’ll probably need to do some keyword research to find great “How to…” keywords in your niche, but many come up naturally.

For example, I didn’t do much keyword research on any of these articles, yet most of them bring me in decent organic traffic because they’re “How to…” articles with a little bit of SEO juice:

Again, there’s nothing special here. Just find “How to…” keywords you can write about and then craft killer content on said topic.

And by killer, I mean 1,400+ words with a keyword density of under 1%.

  • The Question Keyword

Question keywords are like gold, fellas.

Seriously, when I come across a question keyword with decent search traffic that I believe I’m an expert on…

I know there’s gold in them there hills!

Now, what do I mean by a question keyword? Well, that’s pretty simple. They typically result in articles like this:

Basically, you find a long-tail keyword in the form of a question and then write a whole article on the topic at hand.

These keywords tend to be lower hanging fruit once you get the hang of things.

The digital expat life. From Mazatlan, Mexico.

  • Tidy Tour Guides

People want their hand held. We want to be coddled. Everybody wants a “guide” when searching for shit online.

So, give the people what they want.

One of the best ways to boost organic traffic is through creating “guides” for your audience.

What do I mean?

Well, you want to craft articles with headlines/titles like this:

The word “guide” makes you seem like an authority. If you can create a full “guide” on a topic, people assume you’re a legit expert for real and will want to read your stuff.

It. Just. Works.

So, you legit just add:

  • A Guide…
  • Your Guide…
  • The Definitive Guide…
  • The Ultimate Guide…

To your article title and include the keyword. That’s about it. Search engines and readers alike love these types of titles.

P.S: If you know you’re niche, this can become even more valuable. Just look at my use of the word “gringo” in the headlines above. Straight fire from a search engine perspective.

  • Let It Fly

You’re telling me we get punished for not shooting our shot? Hell yeah! If you don’t shoot, you can’t score, broski.

As my college basketball coach used to scream as chew flew from his mouth…

Just let it fly!

Sometimes you just through ish against the wall and see what sticks.

That’s just how the cookie crumbles some days. Science and systems be damned

Every now and then, you’ve just gotta get a little crazy with your headlines and see what your audience digs.

Make sure to include your keyword, but mix things up every now and then.

For example, I did zero keyword research for this article:

Yet, somehow that bad boy had got thousands upon thousands of free views over the last couple years.

I didn’t expect that thing would ever get me much traffic, but it turns out using “sex” in a headline is a surefire way to draw in viewers.

Now, this doesn’t always work. For example, this headline and article did me jack squat:

So, you’ve gotta play around with things and see what works. These articles are further examples of that:

My point? Don’t be afraid to let loose while writing titles to your articles.

Always add your headlines, but make sure you pump in a little personality every now and then.

Sex and Candy, aka How to Write Hot and Heavy Headlines

Ehhh, so maybe there wasn’t much sex in this piece. Yeah, that headline might not make a lot of sense.

But, you win some, you lose some.

The goal? Well, hopefully, you learned a bit about headline writing

Aka how to craft catchy and creative titles for fun and profit.

Or how to write article titles that boost your search engine rankings and organic traffic.

That’s about it for today, folks.

Oh, and one last thing. Figured you’re pretty interested in writing straight fire and boosting organic traffic if you’ve made it this far…

If that’s you, make sure to sign up for my email list, fam. 

Hasta Luego,


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