Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich | An Honest, In-Depth Review

I had to craft this Gorilla Mindset review after reading the book by longtime Internet hustler Mike Cernovich.


Because controlling one’s thoughts and emotions is a problem that’s been plaguing people for centuries.

While we’ve been told to control your emotions as a child, most of us never take the time to learn how. Your elementary school teachers who harped at you to control your emotions certainly didn’t. Thus…

Enter Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich.

In this comprehensive book on mindset, Cernovich teaches you exactly how to change your mindset through action.

If you do this and that, you’ll find this is the result. According to Cernovich, it’s that simple.

Once this happens, a change in your mindset will occur, too.

Gorilla Mindset is all about taking action and getting results.

But you’ve got to work to harness the power of the mind first, then take the action. It all makes sense once you read Gorilla Mindset.

Which is why I wanted to review this book for you. Inside this review, you’ll find topics like:

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Gorilla Mindset | What Means?

Before we dive too deep into the benefits of this book, let’s take a look at what Gorilla Mindset is and why you need to adopt the principles set forth in this book.

According to Cernovich, his book is about one thing and one thing only:

–> Mental strategies to win at life

The book was created to show you how to control your thoughts and emotions. In doing so, you’ll be able to live life on your own terms.

Essentially, Gorilla Mindset is about showing you how to harness the power of your mind, make more money, have better health, and enjoy far more enjoyable relationships.

In the book, you’ll find information about topics like:

  • Power of routine
  • Self-talk
  • Frame
  • Health and fitness
  • How to focus
  • Controlling your state
  • Mindfulness
  • Body language and posture

If you apply Cernovich’s teaching on this topics to your life, things will improve in no time. ASAP.

That’s what Gorilla Mindset is all about.

No fluff. No games or gimmicks. Just actionable advice designed to changed your mindset and eventually, your life.

Who is Mike Cernovich?

Other than an Internet celebrity known around the world for his unique political discourse, Mike Cernovich is a well-respected author, former lawyer, and long-time blogger.

The dude has been crafting content on the Internet since 2003/04 – if memory serves me correct.

He’s published millions upon millions of words over the years.

Mike originally wrote for his legal blog, then began building a following on a number of online forums. He eventually amassed a massive audience on his lifestyle blog, Danger and Play – now defunct.

I began reading Mike’s content once landing on his now defunct blog in a Google search. I was hooked from the jump.

His writing was unlike anything I’d ever read. Blunt and unabashed. He talked about things only you and your boys would talk about in private.

Women, dating, lifting weights, cultural bullshit, and the like.

The site was fascinating.

Then Mike Cernovich flipped his script and began a career in politics. During this time, he published his manifesto known as…Gorilla Mindset.

Gorilla Mindset Review | 9 Things I Learned

There’s none of the typical self-help bullshit all too common on the Internet.

You won’t find any:

  • Just be yourself.
  • Be confident.
  • You can do anything you set your mind to.

Mike skips all that jazz and details exactly how you can control your thoughts to improve your life. This no-nonsense approach is one of the main reasons I loved Gorilla Mindset.

Here’s a few more…

  • Your Own Worst Enemy

One thing I love about Gorilla Mindset is the focus on self-talk.

Mike dives deep into how we talk to ourselves. He claims that most of us talk to ourselves in a negative manner. Much more negative than we’d ever talk to someone else. You’d never tell your best friend that he or she is worthless, or stupid, or that their life is over.

Many of us tell ourself these types of things on a daily basis. And this is the root of many of our problems.

When we talk in a negative manner mentally, we start to believe these negative things. Things that are actually lies. Your life isn’t over. You’re definitely not worthless.

So Mike explains how to actively attack these types of thoughts when they come up.

He shows you how to change your life by changing your mind. This section on self-talk and mindset is worth the price of admission by itself.

  • Life is Frame

Mentally, you can frame nearly every situation as a positive or a negative.

For example, I’m recovering from a surgery that has taken longer than expected. I may need another surgery. I can frame this situation positive or negatively:

My life sucks. My body is in terrible shape. I’m in my mid-twenties, and I can’t seem to stay healthy for more than a year or two at a time. I have the knees and ankles of a 70-year-old man. My surgery seems to be a failure, and I have no idea when I’ll be able to run or jump again. 


While my surgery recovery is taking longer than I ever expected, I’ve been able to focus my energies on making more money, building businesses, and spending time with loved ones. All things that I haven’t paid much attention to in the past. 

While my situation is the same, how I frame it will determine how I feel mentally and my vibe for the day.

In Gorilla Mindset, you’ll find a whole chapter dedicated to framing your life in a positive light. And it’s really, really good.

Every problem is just a new challenge waiting to be solved.

  • You Control Your Emotions

“I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.” 

We’ve all heard someone say this. You’ve probably had the same thought cross your mind a number of times before.

I certainly have. Not every day will we “feel” like conquering the world.

Cernovich disagrees. He details how we can control out mood every single day in Gorilla Mindset. By controlling our state, we can control exactly how we feel each day and how we react to certain situations.

  • Improving Posture Will Improve Your Life

I’ve been a big fan of Mike’s posture work for some time now. Sure, a bit of it may be placebo, but that’s fine.

In Gorilla Mindset, Cernovich dives deeper into the wide world of posture.

In the book, you’ll find out how to raise your testosterone, remove imbalances and reduce the effects of sitting in a chair all day.

All important topics that can vastly improve your health over time.

  • Just Go to the Gym

Do some cardio.

Lift some weights.

Gorilla Mindset doesn’t overcomplicate things. There’s no such thing as a bad workout. By simply going to the gym on a consistent basis, Mike claims your life will improve.

And from personal experience, I can attest to this fact.

Plus, exercise is great for the brain. While I didn’t give it much thought before reading Gorilla Mindset, Mike’s claim of exercise boosting mental productivity rings true.

My mental focus, clarity, and energy all improve on days I go to the gym.

I gym.

  • “YOU” are a Brand

Building your personal brand online isn’t easy.

In fact, it’s difficult.

Once you change your mindset regarding money, you start to see every purchase and interaction in your life as an opportunity. An opportunity to make money by adding value.

Mike breaks down how to build a personal brand online, and why you should certain obstacles. And here’s why I love Cernovich’s take on the topic:

–> I only want to take advice from people who have already done what I plan to do.

Mike makes a six-figure income solely from the Internet. Well into the six-figures.

That’s what I want. Mike has achieved one of my goals. So I trust his writing on turning everything you do into part of your personal brand online.

If you’re looking to make money online, Gorilla Mindset is a must-read.

  • White Ain’t Right

No! Nothing about race here. Settle down now.

I’m talking about food.

The health and fitness tips in Gorilla Mindset are underrated. Mike’s been writing about health for years now, and being a former bodybuilder – he knows a thing or two about optimizing the body.

One of the basic tips found in Gorilla Mindset that I’ve found great benefit from involves diet. If it’s white, it’s probably not great for you. Milk, white bread, chips, crackers, cakes, etc.

To improve your overall health, avoid foods high in starch, sugar, and dairy.

  • Brain Warmup Benefits

One unique routine I’ve found useful from Gorilla Mindset is the brain warm up.

We warm up before we exercise. Why not warm up before we put our brains to work? It makes sense.

Instead of hitting the snooze button to go back to sleep or surfing Twitter as I lay in bed each morning, I now perform the brief brain warm up Mike detailed.

Every day I do the warm up first thing in the morning instead of going back to sleep, I find my day is just better. My mental energy level is higher. If you’re going to implement one routine found in Gorilla Mindset, I’d start with the brain warm up.

  • Start Taking Supplements

I’ve been a supplement junkie for some time now. My family makes fun of me for it, but that’s just fine. If it works, why fix it?

Jack Lalanne was known worldwide as the epitome of health. He led an active lifestyle until he was nearly 95 years old.

And the man took 40-50 supplements a day!

Mike Cernovich is similar in that regard. He takes a variety of supplements on a daily basis. Mike details his top 10 supplements and the potential benefits they provide in Gorilla Mindset.

Due to the book, I added Vitamin D3 to my stack. I’ve been quite happy with the results, especially with the extra mental energy Vitamin D3 seems to give me on days I take it.

Mental clarity…

Any Downsides to the Book?

Honestly, there’s not a lot of downsides to Gorilla Mindset.

The book is cheap and a quick read. You could read the full thing during a 3-4 hour timeframe. Take a couple notes on topics you want to implement.

Then you’re done.

Which might be one of the biggest downsides to the book.

While Cernovich details a variety of topics and gives you actionable advice on each one, the book doesn’t take a deep dive on certain things.

Like the gym, health, fitness, and all that jazz.

Gorilla Mindset is meant to help you with a few quick gym and fitness tips.

It’s not a full workout and meal plan.

Gorilla Mindset is only a full workout when it comes to mastering the mind. On other topics, it’s brief. That’s the only downside I found.

Gorilla Mindset Review | My Verdict?

Ultimately, Gorilla Mindset is about taking accountability and taking action.

Through the chapters, Cernovich shows you how to take responsibility for your life and take action to improve every aspect of it.

While the self-help industry gets a bad rap because most of the advice sucks, this book will show you exactly how to improve your health, make more money, and attain true freedom.

Well worth a read.

Change the way you think. Change your life.

Get your copy of Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich here.
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