The Metabolism Plan Review • My Impressive Results After 21 Days

I just had to write this…The Metabolism Plan review.


Because I got such good results from this diet. Way better than I’d have ever expected.

See, I had never been on a diet before. Not a “real” one. Not a diet where I strictly followed the plan laid out for 21 straights days.

…To a “T” the whole damn time.

But a few weeks ago, I was beyond fluffy. Not fat, but certainly overweight for my height.

Me waist didn’t feel tight and overall, my body wasn’t right.

I’d been doing physical therapy after knee surgery and my therapist had mentioned she was doing The Metabolism Plan for the last couple weeks and had lost a dozen or so pounds.

She claimed she’d never felt better and the diet just wasn’t that difficult to follow after the first couple days.

Told me all about finding the foods that your body respond well to, reducing inflammation, and all the other goodies the diet incorporates.

I thought about it for a few days and order the book on Amazon.

It was time to test out The Metabolism Plan.

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about the diet, including:

If any of the specific sections are of interest to ya, feel free to click that link above. If not, simply keep on following along.

Everything you need to know about The Metabolism Plan is found in this here review.

What is The Metabolism Plan?

Before we get too fair into my Metabolism Plan review, let’s discuss what the diet is and why many have had so much success with it.

The Metabolism Plan is a book crafted around a diet plan designed to help individuals lose weight by figuring out which foods inflame their body and gut – and which foods don’t.

It’s basically a plan designed to work perfectly with your specific body type and metabolism.

For example, many consider spinach to be a healthy food. Yet spinach generally inflames many people and can lead to weight gain in some.

There’s many foods like this, foods that are considered healthy, but lead to inflammation in a large percentage of the population.

This is why many seemingly healthy eaters struggle to lose weight…

They’re eating foods that their specific body simply doesn’t agree with.

The Metabolism Plan address these issues. Hell, it fixes them completely if you follow the diet properly and stick with it.

According to the Amazon page, The Metabolism Plan is a:

“…program that helps readers create a customized diet and exercise plan to boost their metabolism and burn more fat. Readers will discover: why exercising less — as little as 12 minutes, 3 times a week! — can help them lose more weight; why “healthy” foods like oatmeal and salmon may be packing on the pounds, but French fries may not; and how to optimize their thyroid function. Featuring all-new recipes and backed by science, THE METABOLISM PLAN is primed to revolutionize the diet shelf and help readers shed weight for good.”

And while that quick description may sound like hype and potential heresy, I’m here to tell you it’s not. At least in me opinion.


Well, that’s because of the results I found while on The Metabolism Plan.

My Metabolism Plan Review and Results

Like I had said…

I’d never done a diet before. So I had little expectations when starting out The Metabolism Plan. All I knew was I wanted to lose weight, I was going to stick with it for 21 straight days, and proper gut function was a priority.

So I started out the diet weighing a hair over 210 lb @ 5’11” tall. Put on a little weight while traveling in Mexico the past year.

That put my body mass index, aka my BMI, at 29.3. Well into the overweight category of the BMI scale.

Hell, I was almost obese by BMI standards…which states that 30+ BMI is obese (Source).

So I needed to lose weight. However, it must be stated that I wasn’t exactly “FAT” or chubby.

I was more “THICC” than anything else.

But still, I definitely needed to lose weight. My goal was to get down to a flat 190 lb.

Work needed to be done…


And I planned to achieve my goal by following The Metabolism Plan.

The diet started out and the first three days were tough. The grocery bill was high and the food prep exhausting.

Having to prep multiple different breakfasts, soups, a salad dressing, and more takes time, energy, and a whole hell of a lot of planning.

But it had to be done.

So the carrots were chopped, the spices purchased, the prep completed.

While I’m generally positive in this Metabolism Plan review, make no mistake about it: the first three days take a lot of prep, planning, and perseverance.

The first day started out and I weighed over 210 lb. My temperature was way above The Metabolism Plan standards.

Oh, and just FYI…

On this diet, you weigh yourself every morning before you do anything else and take your temperature.

You’ll need a scale.

You’ll need a good thermometer.

If you gain weight, then something you ate the day before inflamed your body. On The Metabolism Plan, you shouldn’t gain weight on any single day. The diet is designed to shed weight for 21 straight days.

If you do gain weight, whatever food you introduced the day before should be cut from your diet for the next three months.

After three months, you’re allowed to retest the food and see if it works for you at that time. And by works, I mean you don’t gain weight and/or become inflamed after eating it.

You also take your temperature every morning too. Anything outside 97-97.3 degrees indicates a potential problem with how your thyroid is functioning.

If you’re weight goes up and your temperature is too high or too low, then your body does not like the food(s) you added the day before.

So my Metabolism Plan results and observations are as follows:

The first three days suck.

You’re eating flax seeds, blueberries, soups, and salads. Pretty much nothing else.

Oh, and you can’t even have coffee. Black tea is the only caffeine you can have.

But I also lost about 10 lb during those first three days.

Sure, a lot of it was water weight. But a lot of that weight was also plaque lining the insides of my gut.

Not to be nasty, but I’d never needed to go to the bathroom more than those first three days.

It’s basically a cleanse.

And you’re not supposed to exercise during that time outside of walking a little bit.

Once days 4-11 roll around, things start to get better. You introduce different proteins like chicken, you can have coffee, and you’re even allowed dark chocolate after dinner each evening.

P.S: Don’t skip the dark chocolate! These chocolates right here became a delicacy for me during the diet.

You’re basically testing a new food one day and a new type of exercise the next day.

Personally, I only found a couple a foods that were problematic for me.

My body despised almonds.

The couple times I ate almonds, I gained weight the next day. My temperature also skyrocketed on these days.

I won’t be eating almonds again.

Steak was also a bit of an issue. I didn’t gain weight the few times I ate the meat during The Metabolism Plan, but I also didn’t lose any weight when I had steak for dinner.

On the other had, the couple times I ate a massive piece of tuna for dinner…I lost 1.5-2 lb the following day.

Suffice to say, I’ll be eating more tuna in the coming months.

Exercise didn’t seem to be an issue.

I didn’t note any significant changes when varying my exercise from bodyweight workouts to lifting weight to cardio.

From days 12-21, you continue to add new foods to your diet and even get to test one of your favorite restaurants on one of the final days.

I was in cruise mode at this point.

Already impressed with my Metabolism Plan results, I just kind of stuck with what I had been doing and continued following the plan.

None of the new foods inflamed me. This was especially important to me when I started testing potatoes, as I’m a starch addict.

By the end of the 21-day diet, I had lost over 16 lb. My new weight was 193.8 lb and the best part was I felt great.

My thyroid function seemed to be ideal and my energy levels were fantastic.

Overall, I couldn’t have been happier with my 21-day Metabolism Plan results. Hell, I would have done the full 30-day diet…but the holidays arrived and that simply wasn’t going to work.

While the pictures aren’t the best, below you’ll see my “results” in photo form:

Not the best pics, but noticeable difference.

Pros of The Metabolism Plan

Overall, I’m writing this Metabolism Plan review because the diet truly worked well for me. I’m a fan.

So you may want to take the pros with a grain of salt. Albeit Himalayan sea salt 😉

Here’s what I loved about The Metabolism Plan:

  • It Works

You will lose weight if you stick with The Metabolism Plan for 21-30 straight days.

This is damn near a guarantee.

I haven’t heard of anyone doing the full diet and not losing 10+ lb. Some may say that’s “water weight” but I don’t believe that to be true.

You truly do get rid of a lot of inflammation in the body, and I believe that leads to a lot of weight loss.

I lost over 16+ lb in just three weeks.

I’m no dieting expert, but that seems like a damn good diet if you ask me.

  • You Feel Great

The first three days were pretty tough. I’m not going to lie to you. You’re not eating a ton of food, it’s basically a cleanse, and you can’t even have a cup of joe.

But once days 5-6 roll around, I felt absolutely great on The Metabolism Plan. Energy levels were sky-high and my mind felt sharp.

Honestly, I was pretty baffled by how good I felt. I’d assume being in a caloric deficit would have made me grumpy and famished all the time.

I was wrong.

You should feel good when on The Metabolism Plan. This isn’t a diet where you’re killing yourself the whole time.

You’re eating smarter, not dieting harder.

  • Teaches You How to Eat

Which brings me to my next point…

Even once you’re done with the diet, you still understand the principles of why The Metabolism Plan works.

I know my body does well with certain types of fish, potatoes, and chicken – along with salads, seeds, etc.

I also understand that steak isn’t perfect for me and I should definitely avoid almonds.

But there’s even a little more to it:

For example, you should be rotating your breakfast. Eating the same breakfast every day is not necessarily healthy. You need variety.

Eggs and an avocado one day. A smoothie the next. Maybe some flaxseed granola with blueberries the following.

Then eat a big salad for lunch. Extra virgin olive oil with red lettuce, kale, some sunflower seeds, goat cheese, and beets.

For dinner, some type of meat that doesn’t inflame you, potatoes, a small salad, and dark chocolate for dessert.

If you follow principles set out in the book, you won’t gain the weight back.

Oh, and avoid baked goods and bread.

Those were never on The Metabolism Plan ;(

  • Improves Gut Health

One reason I believe my Metabolism Plan results were so good and why many others feel the same way?

The diet focuses on gut health.

How your body digests food.

What inflames your body and gut.

This is a huge factor and one that many modern diets completely ignore.

While the food itself plays a huge role, you’ll also find a few recommended supplements on The Metabolism Plan that seem to help.

I personally found that I lost an extra quarter pound or so on days I remember to take my probiotic.

Here’s the three supplements I took while on The Metabolism Plan:

–> Probiotic: Absolutely essential to gut health for many of us. While the science goes back and forth on actually how beneficial probiotics actually are, I noticed weight following off far faster on the diet when I took mine. Just one a day. This is the brand I used.

–> Milk Thistle: Apparently milk thistle is ideal for liver health and a better functioning liver is ideal for weight loss and thyroid function. I couldn’t tell you how beneficial these were, but I took one with every meal like the author recommended. This brand.

–>MSM: Supposedly MSM is ideal for joint health and gut function. Again, I didn’t notice too much from taking these things, the author recommended them. One with each meal, three a day. This was the brand I took.

If you plan to actually do The Metabolism Plan, I’d highly recommend taking these three supplements along with the actual diet.

  • Not That Tough

As I mentioned before…

Overall, The Metabolism Plan just isn’t that tough.

After the first three days of the diet, I felt fantastic and weight was still falling off.

You shouldn’t feel horrible on this diet ever.

Hungry before dinner? Sure.

Exhausting and sickly? Not after the first couple days.

This isn’t a diet where you “kill” yourself to lose some weight. It’s a science-based approach that allows your diet to work with your specific body type and gut.

Cons of The Metabolism Plan

While I’m not the expert here, but I doubt any diet is absolutely perfect.

The Metabolism Plan is no different.

Here’s what I didn’t like about the diet:

  • Lots of Meal Prep

You’ll find there’s a good amount of meal prep and grocery shopping the first three days. A whole hell of a lot of it.

You need to dedicate 5-6 hours to reading, shopping, and meal prep the day before you begin.

Plan to make a lot of whatever soups, dressing, and breakfast dishes the book calls for.

This diet isn’t one you can do with just an hour or two of prep each week. The Metabolism Plan must be a priority or you won’t be able to handle all the shopping, chopping, and meal prep.

That being said…

Once you have the soups made and in the fridge, the meal prepping goes down significantly – as it doesn’t take much to make a salad or bake some chicken breasts.

  • I Hate Soup

I absolutely hate soups.

Just not a food type I’d ever eat if not on a diet. Soup just does nothing for me.

You’ll be eating a lot of soups on the diet.

Generally, while on The Metabolism Plan, you’ll eat soup at least once a day…if not twice.

If you don’t really like soups, this will be a huge downer while on this diet.

But the good news is the soups tend to taste pretty decent, especially considering most of them have little to no meat in them.

  • First Three Days Suck

I’ve harped on this over and over again, but it bears repeating:

The first three days of the diet are a cleanse, and they suck. 

Half because you’re hungry and can’t have coffee. Half because you’re doing an insane amount of meal prep those first few days.

But if you can make it through the first few days, you’ll find things get so much better.

And the best part?

You’ll find weight flying off on those first few days.

That’s a guarantee!

Click here to get your copy.

Metabolism Plan Review | My Verdict?

Overall, I’m pleased I was able to complete the first 21-days of The Metabolism Plan.

I saw a solid amount of weight loss, but more importantly:

  • I felt great
  • Learned which foods my body likes
  • Figured out how to eat fairly healthy with minimal effort

If you’re serious about losing weight and improving your overall health, then I couldn’t recommend this diet enough.

Hell, that’s the only reason I’m writing The Metabolism Plan review that you’re reading right now…

Because of the results.

Click here to grab your copy of the book and start losing weight ASAP!

P.S: Make sure you get the hard copy. You’ll want to flip back and forth throughout the book while on the diet, and that’d be a pain in the arse on Kindle. 

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