From 50 to 1,500 Views a Day! 11 Quick Tips to Grow Your Blog Fast

Fast maybe isn’t the right word here. But if you’re looking to grow your blog, you’re in the right place.

At this time last year, February/March 2017, Nomadic Hustle was getting 25-50 views a day.

That’s not much. Hell, it’s nothing.

In fact, I almost trashed the project. I was down and out. I’d made a couple huge business mistakes and was considering whether the whole digital nomad thing was even worth it any longer.

It didn’t help that I was a functional alcoholic living the good life in Bogota, Colombia, either.

I was more focused on smooth talking a few senoritas in broken Spanish than I was growing my blog.

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Things Change

Around April, I gave up the booze and stopped settling for cruise. I decided I was going to put some effort into Nomadic Hustle.

I decided it was time to take this online business thing for real. No more bullshit. Failure wasn’t an option.

So, I started doing some keyword research and began publishing on this site more and more often.

My goal was to publish every single day. While that didn’t happen, I have nearly 250 articles on Nomadic Hustle now.

I published consistently for the better part of a year and the effort has begun to pay off.

I now make money off my website, but it’s more than that. My traffic has skyrocketed.

Remember how I said I was getting 50 or so views each day a year ago?

These days I’m right around 1,500 views each and every day. Just check it out:

Nearing in on 1,500 views a day!

Now, that’s views not unique visitors, but it’s still growth. Things have just started to take off.

I’m confident that number will be over 5,000 visitors per day by the end of 2018. Why? Because I’ve figured out what works.

I trust the process. I know how to make a website grow and I can help you grow your blog, too.

One More Thing: This post contains affiliate links. If you buy a product after clicking through one of my links, you get a great product that actually works and I get a small commission. And trust me, that commission is appreciated. Much love!

11 Quick Tips to Grow Your Blog Fast

So enough about me, let’s take a look at how you can grow your blog by following a few simple steps.

There’s no magic to blog growth. There’s hard work and following a formula. This is the formula I follow to grow my blog:

#1: Make Your Site Dope

First and foremost, if you’re going to make cash blogging and grow your site, then invest some time into making your blog look good. Dope. Fire. Fancy.

Whatever you want to call it. Make your site look legit. While people will read your info if it’s good enough, some will immediately disregard your site if it doesn’t look good.

Luckily, building a WordPress site or blog has never been easier.

You can literally do it in under 15 minutes. Just click here to learn how!


What a premium WordPress theme looks like.

For those who already have a site but are looking to improve, I’ve been thrilled with the Marketers Delight theme

It’s easy to use and makes a blog look pro from the get-go.

One more tip about making your site look good…

Using headings and short paragraphs. The majority of the Internet skims these days. Always use headings and keep paragraphs as short as possible.

Ain’t nobody got time for block text in 2018!

#2: Drop Your Ego

Unless your blog is highly profitable and you’ve built a brand already, leave your ego at the front door.

I’ve seen dozens of bloggers who literally make $0 off their website talk about brand building and if things “fit” with what they’re doing.

You’re a new blogger. You have no idea what the fuck you’re doing in the first place. You can’t act like someone who makes thousands of dollars every month on their blog and expect your site to grow.

Even blogging greats used to write about mundane shit like what’s the best type of wallets for dudes to carry.

Until you know what you’re doing drop your damn ego and start throwing shit at the wall until something sticks.

#3: Publish More Content

With that in mind, you’ll have to publish more content.

I try to publish every day.

But I’m a normal dude just like you and I have a life to live. As such, my goal of publishing on Nomadic Hustle every single day usually leaves me with 4-6 fresh pieces of content each week.

For new bloggers, publishing at least three pieces of content every single week is almost required to garner the attention needed to see your site grow the way you know it’s capable of.

#4: Always Do Keyword Research

It baffles me when someone shoots down keyword research. Bro, that shits not necessary. Just write stuff that people love to read and your site will grow.

Yeah, that’s not horrible advice – except this isn’t 2010!

There’s more noise on the Internet than ever before. Everybody and their mamas want to be digital nomads who make money from their laptop while travelling the world.

If you can’t attract organic visitors through search to your website, your site will not grow exponentially like it can and should.

Point. Blank. Period.

Let’s take a look at an example. My buddy Dylan Madden wrote a killer piece about increasing focus with a simple process. The article is called:

My Top Secret Two Step Process For Insane Focus

After glancing at the piece, I noticed he seemed to go after the keyword “insane focus” – which could be good.

So, I Googled the keyword and found a pre-workout with that exact name. It would be damn well impossible to rank for the said keyword. Just look:

That’d be a tough keyword to top!

After noticing this, I wrote Dylan and talked a little bit about SEO and blog growth. Dylan’s a good friend and has given me tons of advice on brand building over the last year. I wanted to return the favour.

I looked up focus keywords and found that “how to focus” is an amazing keyword and doesn’t seem to be that tough to rank for.

With over 5,400 searches a month, a blog that ranks top-three for “how to focus” should get around 100-125 views every single day for one article. That’s a solid traffic boost!

The issue is most people don’t know where to start when doing keyword research.

There’s a lot of noise regarding keyword research. I’ll eliminate all that for you.

Sign up for one month of SEMRush.

Just do one month. That’s all you need. Research all your keywords through SEMRush during this month and then cancel the membership.

It’s pricey but well worth it. You can get 6+ months of keyword research done by paying for one month of SEMRush.

Trust me, it’s well worth it. Sign up by clicking here.

#5: Follow Basic SEO Principles

Now even with the right keywords, you’ll still need to follow basic SEO principles designated by big daddy Google.

If you don’t, even the best keyword research in the world won’t make a difference.

Now, I could write a full blog post about getting SEO correct and I probably will. Hell, there are full books on it.

Here are the basics:

  • Pick a keyword that’s 2-6 words long
  • Place the keyword somewhere in your article title
  • Place the keyword in the articles name/link, i.e.
  • Use the keyword in the first paragraph
  • Then use the keyword 3-8 times throughout the article
  • Use the keyword within one heading in your article (H1, H2, H3)
  • Write articles that are 1,200+ words

If you can follow that formula, you will write content that Google loves and your organic traffic should skyrocket.

There’s a lot more to it, but that’s a solid start.

Looking for an example of solid keyword research leading to great search engine rankings and a little cash? Check out this piece. 

#6: Original Content Matters

Videos, photos, and the like all help your website grow.

Visitors stay on the page longer when there are YouTube videos and unique images on a website.

If you’re competing for a competitive search term, you’ll almost always need original photos, infographics, and even videos to rank well in the rankings.

Luckily, that shouldn’t be an issue these days.

Every single person reading this article has a smartphone.

I’m positive you do. All you have to do is use it. Your smartphone can create all the original content you need for your blog to be successful.

Take original photos on your smartphone.

Use Instagram or another app to edit them.

Then upload photos to your site. Obviously, make sure every photo you upload to an article has some type of relevance to the content matter.

#7: Time Heals All Wounds

It’s easy to get discouraged when blogging and building niche sites.

I know I got pretty down in the dumps when Nomadic Hustle wasn’t growing like I wanted it to.

The reality of the situation is it takes time to grow a blog. Google doesn’t index new sites quickly unless they’re getting a lot of traffic from social sources.

Your new blog or website won’t grow exponentially for months on end.

You could write articles for six straight months before your site starts getting the respect it deserves.

Just look at this:

Still growing even after a YouTube setback.

An article you write today will start to pay off 3-6 months down the road. Sometimes even longer.

That means you could publish 50+ pieces of great content on a website before you start to see significant traffic increases.

And that’s perfectly ok!

Keep your head up and keep grinding. If you’re putting out content that people like and the search engines love, then you’ll some see traffic skyrocketing.

#8: Get Social

I’ve never been too concerned with social media for blogging. Hell, I don’t even have a Facebook page personally or for this site.

I probably should.

Social media is where you build your fan base. Sure, you’ll convert organic traffic to fans at times.

But social media is far better at building a true audience that digs your content and vibe. Don’t discount it.

Offer value on social media and use the platforms to network with like-minded people. Share your articles on every platform you use and build your brand.

Or just read this article about growing your Twitter following and go from there.

#9: Stop Exchanging Backlinks

Networking is essential to blogging success.

Why? Because your website needs promotion and backlinks.

Google gives sites authority once they have enough backlinks, as they view a link from another site as a form of “clout” in their algorithms.

Back in the day, you could just link up with a few blogging buddies and backlink each other for optimal success.

But Google quickly caught on. Now, you do not want to “exchange” backlinks with anyone.

If you’re backlinking someone who has already linked to you, it better be in an article and highly relevant.

If not, you could hurt both your websites.

Now, there is a fine line to this. Older sites with strong authority from search engines can get away with a lot more backlinking than a brand new website with 20 blog posts.

You’ve been warned.

#10: Boost Your Brain

Smart drugs make building blogs and niche sites much easier. If you know anything about my site, you already know I’m a big fan of Modafinil.

When push comes to shove, there’s not an easier way to increase your creative output by 50-80% just by popping one pill in the morning.

Sure, it’s not a “Limitless” pill that turns you into a man amongst boys just by ingesting.

But make no mistake about it, Modafinil helps you get shit done.

Click here to test out Modafinil for as low as $60 USD!

#11: Stick With It

Finally, you’ve just got to stick with it. That’s how you grow your blog.

If you’re blogging for the fast bucks, you’re in the wrong industry.

If you want to make quick Internet money, then dropshipping is a much better route to take.

Blogging takes time to cultivate your voice, content, and monetization strategies. You’ve got to build an audience and keep Google happy at the same time.

The guys who are making the big bucks blogging have been at it for years. Most start finding success around the 2-3 year mark, especially with regards to monetization.

That’s why I wrote this guide…

It’s Time to Grow Your Blog, Broski

If you want to grow your blog, just follow the steps laid out in this guide. You’ll have a profitable blog in under a years time – if you stick with it.

For those that are still stuck, my buddy Kyle runs a program about making money off websites called Pro Niche Site.

While certain people already have blogs and sites established, some of you might be just starting out in the online world.

If that’s you, I’d definitely recommend checking out Pro Niche Site.

As the premier course on building a profitable website in a short amount of time, you’ll quickly learn how to build a website that makes over $100 USD a month in just three short months.

While that might not seem like a lot to some, it’s a damn good place to start.

Here’s to the hustle! Hasta luego maricas 😉

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