How to Grow Your Blog FAST

How to grow your blog fast? Everybody and they mama has different advice.

Write this style of content. Do X, Y and Z. Get links. Become a guest posting slut. Research keywords. Suck off Google. Make YouTube videos. Blah, blah, blah.

In fact, all of that stuff helps, sans the whole fondling big daddy Google thing. But the fact of the matter is these things alone won’t ensure your blog sees explosive growth.

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The Exponential Nature of Blogging

Blogging, like nearly every form of online business, is exponential. You type away for months on end with little results.

Then you see things pick up. One month you make a few extra sales. The next month traffic nearly doubles. Before you know it, your little blog starts bringing in some cash due to solid traffic.

But it’s never linear. You may publish 30-40 articles over a few months and then see traffic skyrocket six months down the road. It just doesn’t happen immediately.

You need time and consistent effort. But what’s the secret sauce? Well…

What Happened to Nomadic Hustle?

Why listen to me? In February of 2017, this little site was getting absolutely no love, traffic, or attention. None.

The whole month Nomadic Hustle saw 1,605 visitors. A little over 50 sets of eyes grazed this site each day. Not much, especially when you consider billions of people have access to the Internet.

I was discouraged. I had published roughly 70-80 articles by then. Maybe my writing blew. Maybe my voice wasn’t strong. Maybe I wasn’t connecting.

Doubts filled my head. I began thinking about giving up on the site. Maybe I should move on to niche sites or YouTube.

Nomadic Hustle exponential growth. July will make it curve upwards.

I almost did. But I decided to give the site a true effort one last time. In April of 2017, I published 11 articles. In May, I kicked things up a notch. I told myself that if July rolls around and the site still isn’t doing much, I’d move on. But for the next few months, I’d give a great effort.

So I published 26 articles in May 2017. I followed that up with 15 articles in June. In total, I published 52 articles in three months.

That’s a whole lot of words. And a whole lot of work. So did it “work” for me? Am I going to stick with Nomadic Hustle?

Small growth, but a significant improvement.

In my opinion, yes. The extra effort paid off. In July 2017, this little site will nearly reach 12,000 people. Compared to 1,605 in February, that’s fairly explosive growth.

If I continue this pattern until 2018, I’m confident this site will see more than 50,000 viewers per month by the time the New Year rolls in.

How to Grow Your Blog Fast

Now, you may be thinking it’s crazy to take advice about growing your blog from a “beginner” like me. However, this isn’t my first rodeo.

I had an old site that got nearly 60,000 views per month before I sold it. So I know a thing or two about building blogs.

And what’re the secret ingredients? That’s easy:

Write & Publish More

First and foremost, if you want to grow your blog, you need to write more. I see guys complaining about not making money from their website, yet they fuck off on Twitter for hours each day.

Social media is cool. It’s helpful, but it’s also time-consuming. Some people build their audience through social media. That’s great. But the majority of people waste time on it.

Instead, start cranking out more articles for your site. Just. Fucking. Write. The more articles I publish, the more people find my site. More people on my site equals more money.

Before I published 52 articles in three months, I wasn’t making anything here. I’m talking $40-60 USD a month from a site that had 80+ articles on it. That’s ass.

After going hard for a few months, I’m clearing $600+ a month. That’s still chump change, but at least my effort equals more money in the bank.

The most important things a new blogger can do is write and publish more. A LOT MORE!

Extra Time

Now, there is one more factor to consider: time. Blogging takes time. If you’re looking for a get rich quick scheme, then blogging is not your best friend.

I’ve yet to meet a blogger who went from nothing to making thousands a month within the first six months. It just doesn’t happen.

Google doesn’t give love to new sites. You have to earn Google’s favor. This means time, link juice, and a whole lot of content.

Even if you publish 100+ posts in your first three months as a blogger, you’ll still need another six months before things really take off. That’s just how SEO operates in this day and age.

Once you’re publishing often, be patient. It’ll take 6-12 months before you start hitting that exponential curve.

Read more about online business here.

A Few Factors For Bloggers to Consider

If you’re ready to publish like a mad man, then there’s still a few more things to consider, including:


Don’t think you can just scribble some text on your site and Google will dig it. You have to play the SEO game, too.

You must do keyword research and optimize your site for the search engines. Without a little SEO, you’re leaving views on the table – and lots of them!.

Now, I’m not going to get into the details of keyword research in this piece. To start, make sure you have the Yoast plugin installed on your site. Next, check out Keyword Eye – it’s a great free keyword research tool.

Oh, and this piece has some solid info.

Link Juice

And yes, backlinks lives matter. You need to get more backlinks to your site. This means two things. First, write content people actually like. If your writing connects with someone, then there’s a solid chance they’ll find a way to link to it sometime.

Next, you’ll end up having to do some guest posting. This is a good thing. Guest posting not only gives you some link juice, but you get to build a relationship with a fellow writer and expose your ideas to a new fan base. A true win-win.

How to Grow Your Blog Fast

If you came here looking for a “hack” or some other Internet marketing bullshit, then you’ll be disappointed. That’s fine. I’m here to tell you how to grow your blog quickly and honestly.

Do SEO. Write More. Publish Every Day. Have Patience. 

If you follow that plan, your blog will grow quickly – eventually. Point. Blank. Period.

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Jake Nomada

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Michael Socarras - July 25, 2017

Nice post. Needed this one. Great job.

Ive been thinking about posting daily for a bit and started to but dropped off because I wanted to post (high word, high quality) posts. Back to beast mode.

    NomadicJake - July 25, 2017

    Glad you enjoyed it!

    Yeah, until you have a big audience and income publish is the most important thing. Pump out 800-1,500 word posts as often as possible.

    Reply - July 25, 2017

This is just what I needed. My beliefs are reaffirmed in posting consistently almost every day. Time to step that up to every day for the rest of Summer at least!

Reply - July 25, 2017

    Also how much do you think commenting on reddit helped this Jake?

      NomadicJake - July 25, 2017

      Somewhat, but I wouldn’t say the benefit is huge. It’s a tool in the arsenal, but not a huge weapon.

    NomadicJake - July 25, 2017

    Keep posting, man! Daily posting takes two hours or so, but the pay off can be huge.

Calm and Collected - October 28, 2017

People are scared of putting in the work. Those same people are broke.

As Jake said, “Just. Fucking. Write.”.

    NomadicJake - October 28, 2017

    Exactly, man. People hate on hard work. But you gotta work hard to get ahead!

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